Archive of published articles (Versions of record)

Rhifyn / Issue 2, Mai / May 2020 (1884 1/2)

Tom Wilkinson-Gamble & Molly SouthwardCroeso / Welcome, p. iii.
Daryl Leeworthy, A Little Gay History of Bangor, p. 75
Audrey Thorstad, Queering the Tudor Hunt, pp. 76-78
Teresa Crew & ‘Guinevere’, LGBTQ+ in Gypsy, Roma, Traveller communities, pp. 79-80
Jacob Charnley, Gods of the past, pp. 93-96
Anonymous, A Letter to Women Kind, pp. 102-103
Molly Southward, Anne Lister. The Real Gentlemen Jack, pp. 112-114

Rhifyn / Issue 1, Ionawr / January 2020 (1884 1/1)

Tom Wilkinson-Gamble & Molly Southward, Croeso / Welcome, p. i.
William Luke Flanagan, Charles I: An absolute downfall, pp. 3-4.
George Higgins, A brief history of veganism, pp. 5-6.
Mark Hagger, What did the Normans do for us? pp. 7-20.
Finlay Tyson, Humour throughout history, pp. 21-22.
Alasdair Dow, A eulogy to neoliberalism, pp. 23-24.
Sean Collier, Rebel songs of the Troubles, pp. 25-26.
Tom Wilkinson-Gamble, China in the 1980s, pp. 27-29.
Philip Gregory, The Story of the Swordfish, pp. 35-38.
Jacob Charnley, Gods of the past, pp. 53-54.
John Bailey, Charlemagne’s little brother, p. 60.
Molly Southward, Book Review: Peter Watson, The German Genius, pp. 65-66.
Tom Wilkinson-Gamble, The four great classics of Chinese literature, p. 72

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